Last Dance in the Air

Today’s air is humid and my brain is as near colourless as neutral. My hands are freezing and my whole body are shaking. I breathe like an old lady, that still have spirit to live but for her body couldn’t even move as young as her grandchild. All that is broken. All will left behind..never sound together eventually. Like an old dead lady.

Long exhale from a long night, still…my brain still freezing and shaking. It’s the last dance, and they know that it’s time to unleash the memory. Silhouette memory of a beautiful dancer who dance beautifully, but the memory will never arise from it’s sleep…the memory will never be there to give a hint of heart of hopeness and happiness anymore. Now all depends on me. They expect the best out of me, the greatness of all among them. The beauty of a woman. They know nothing about falling inside while they know I gain more on the outside…and at the end, i’ll be the victim of a demander and made everyone down.

I want to dance..freely, alone…with no one. So, i’ll be happy without misery.


Trias Nuriarta.


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