Knows how to get knocked down and get back up.

This is tough! I have no idea where to start my dream. Everyone has a dream, every person do have things that they wanted to do. Something that could make them happy, satisfied, and alive. This i what i’m looking for…hope i don’t need to fake my feelings again, i don’t need to pick up some line to tell people in case they see unhappiness showed slightly on my face.

 All this time, i was fooling myself, by doing something that i wasn’t sure of..maybe i was fooling everyone..and i’m very dissapointed of myself. I failed many times, i still feel emotionally down and at my lowest point right now actually. I was so depress that nobody could help to change my mindset until i decided to meet my friend who work for a multi-level marketing company. We talked from A to Z..from funny thing to saddest thing ever that he could realize how overwhelmed i am with this life. So many times i feel stuck and couldn’t find a way to get out. I’m pretty much LOST and dying inside! The only way to get back on track is by sharing what i feel and what i think to my Boyfriend..he always encourage me, do anything he could to fulfill what i need.  I do know at some point, people get tired to listen and can be so harsh and judgemental, that’s why i keep what i feel to myself mostly.

What i need is a slap of motivation of every aspect not only about dream/job/relationship, this is the reason why i ran to a Multi-level marketing person that NEVER give up for a thing. I learned so much..and yes, after that day, i read a totally different book and article, avoiding negative thoughts, and just take things ease. I try so hard to change my mindset..try so hard to beat that overwhelm feeling eventhough end up extremely anxious and exhausted, but i don’t want to give up..i keep struggling. I always look back, and i seriously don’t want to go back..i want a colorful life like i used to have. I know i can through this..and i know that someday, you can do this too..but we have to be realistic. Everything is a process, none can do it in a night or a could take weeks, months or years depends on how bad you want to change your life. So think about it, do you want to keep living in a dark and miserable life? I don’t.


Trias Nuriarta


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