Acne = Damnit! (Eva Mulia- Review)

Acne Affects Me

Ok, so..of course i’m going to talk about Acne. I got Acne since i was in my Junior High, but it was like more a pimple..1-2 pimples on my face. In time,  i always have it on my cheek and on my chin..but it always goes away in 5-7 days, and comes regularly 1-2 weeks before my period. I think it’s normal man. What is not normal to me is when i got this massive pimples right now!! and it’s suck like fuck (not literally of course. HA!). Meaning, i HATEEEEE it. Yes, it does make me stress, loss confidence, and social withdrawal to have this inflame, irritated red skin rash on my face for about…a year maybe??. I tried Benzoyl Peroxide (whitehead on my chin dissapear but not on my cheeks), Salicyclic acid ( which made my face even more dry and irritated and cause more break out), and Doctors…but it  STILL there. Based on my experience, a year before i got this nasty acne, i went to Dr. Iwan once every two weeks. He gave me a night cream which is an acne cream, and i did a facial routine everytime i go there..his facial routine is just scrubbing the face, with no squeezing like facial in a Beauty Salon. After a month, my acne improve, and my face was CLEAR and soft  like a baby butt in 3 months.


Bla bla bla..then i went to Canada. With the different weather condition (spring to summer), and maybe cause of what i face break out like CRAZEEEYYY, like out of control. I know..i should’ve watched what i was taking (food and water) and kept my body well hydrated and use a moisturizer ( it is a MUST even you have an oily skin- GET a non-comedogenic, oil-free, use gel, don’t use cream or lotion (this is for dry skin) cause it’ll easily block the pores).

The Doctors

Long short story, i went back to Jakarta, and i went to Dr. Iwan again, but i wasn’t using his product every night, and didn’t get to have a single facial, and i decided to go to other doctor, ’cause i believe at that time, his product didn’t work on me anymore before i gave it a chance. So the first day i went to this Doctor, her name was Dr. Dewi, she told me to do Chemical Peeling (CP), and it hurts! FYI, CP is peeling off the outer layer of your skin to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution. At first, It works. My face was soft, bright, and my acne scar kind off dissapear..and her night cream did a good job. One day, i ran out a night cream.. and  i didn’t have time to go back to get the night cream so i didn’t use her night cream for 2 weeks, then my face went from moderate acne to severe acne!!!! i went back to her, done the same ritual thing..nothing works AT ALL, all i got everyday was pimple every here and there on my face..the worst thing is, the night cream blocked my pores like HELL!! I was so depressed..until now. It’s been 6 months i’ve been using her product and treatment. I told my sister, and she told me to get another doctor, cause it only make my acne worse. If  12 weeks doesn’t make any improvement or change on your skin, STOP, and go to another doctor, TRUST ME!

Eva Mulia

So, i did some reasearch..about Eva Mulia. She’s not a everyone saying that she’s a pharmacist (?) and stuff, but i don’t give a long as she can fix my face!!! Haha. She has this clinique at Gandaria I, located across circle K Gandaria. I was quite surprise, cause the place looks clean and well mantained and cozy (on the facial room). So, you get in..register at the front desk, take the number, put your shoes, go to the facial room..and get the facial done. About the, trust me, you’ll cry to death!!! you wish you never go there! hahaha..cause it hurts, and the nurse will pop your acne out with needle, and squeeze it. It sounds horrible, but you’ll thank her the next day..cause what you’ll see is just red dots all over your face, but  my whiteheads and blackheads were gone.,eventhough you’ll feel a lil hurt slightly for 3 days. After the squeezing part, she’ll put an acne lotion made of Belerang/ Sulphur/ Sulfur (whateverrrr), wait ’til it’s dry..and she’ll wash it up with a wet towel, and you can see a monster when you saw your face on the mirror. Then, you go to the cashier, and she’ll explain what to buy for the acne treatment. What i got is :

* Cleansing Milk – Rp. 15.000

* Foundation Jerawat – Rp. 20.000

* Astringent Kecil – Rp. 15.000

* Obat Bersih – Rp. 50.000

* Acne Lotion – Rp. 15.000

* Night Cream 2 – Rp. 50.000

* Peeling Khusus – Rp. 50.000

* Beauty Soap – Rp. 10.000

* Vitamin Merah Bulat – Rp. 10.000

* Facial – Rp. 40.000.

So, the total is Rp. 275.00 -> MAN! DAMN CHEAP, Right?! hahahaha.

Copy this link to a new tab or window to view the picture :

They offered me a loose powder, but i didn’t want to get into their promotion trap. Also I didn’t want to buy the foundation, but they insist me to buy it..she was like ” You HAVE to use this, this is a MUST before you apply your powder!”.. Oukaay..and i end up purchasing it *sigh*.

The Basic thing is :

You have to wash your face twice a day she said. Cleansing milk, Beauty soap, then Astringent. This is a 3 steps washing system. 1st day, for the night after you had your facial, you have to use the Acne lotion all over the face (or at the acne area), to dry the wound you have (prolly just for the 1st and 2nd night). The 2nd day in the morning, wash your face with the 3 steps system, and use Obat bersih. Night- Wash, and use Acne lotion. 3rd Day ( now you can use night cream and peeling) and the next day and so the same ritual for morning and night. Use Night cream 2 days after facial, then use it every night. Use Peeling Khusus, 2 days after facial, once every 2 days for 15 minutes.

I went to Eva Mulia yesterday ( Friday, May 21 2010 ). The capster said i should go back 3 days later but since they’re closed on Monday, so i’ll come back on Tuesday. So, officially this is my 2nd Day of treatment. My whitehead and blackheads had been removed..and im in the process of healing. Wish me Luck! 🙂


Trias Nuriarta



    1. Kalau untuk bolong2 di muka kaya ice picked scars itu sepertinya harus di laser deh..dan harus beberapa kali lasernya,.bisa konsultasi kok sama dokternya, tapi sebelumnya telp dulu ya, kadang suka engga ada.. 🙂

  1. Pake obat dari eva mulia jadi kecanduan ga ya? Aku lg cari tmpt buat “mbenerin” muka, tp ga mau yg ketergantungan. Trs skrg perkiraan harga brp ya?? Thanx.

    1. Kecanduan sih engga yah, tapi efeknya lama banget menurutku. Plus facial dipencet-pencet gitu tiap kesana, which is sebenarnya dilarang sm dokter kulitku, krn bekasnya lama hilangnya dan bikin kulit sensitif. Lebih baik sih langsung ke dermatologist, alias dokter spesialis kulit. Untuk harga sama-sama aja paling nambah 5ribu gitu, coba tlp aja langsung (search di google).

  2. hy,…….. ^_^ w lagi pake dr.titi moertolo(mahaaaal gilaaa)w dah abis 2juta selama waktu 3minggu..which is 2xfaciel and beberapa obat minum and serum ..but jerawat w gk ilang2,malah masin bnyk didaerah skitar pipi dan dagu..arrrgghhhh….emang sih smua pasien yg datang ke sana wajahnya putih alami smw kaya gk perawatan gitu..w frustasi abiiees.and w tanya sm tmn kerja w and dy nyaranin w ke dr.eva..w disuruh beli sabun muka and obat bersih ajj..kmarin sore w ksana…gilaaaa..faciel muka harganya cuma 45rb nad maskernya cuma 8rb!!!…pdhl kalo di titi moertolo harganya mauuuahaal BGT…faciel+konsul 125rb masker 150rb!!! and lighting 50rb..aduuuh..w udh frustasi bgt nh…yg w mw tanya gmn kulit wajah lo skrng ??kalo bisa tolong di post foto wajah lo tanpa editan..biar sebagai bukti and kalo hasilnya ok..w mw rutin kesana juga…thankyuuuu ^_^

    1. Duh, kalau urusan jerawat emang kayanya selalu mahal yaaa,,sedih deh! hehehe. Seperti komen sebelumnya, untuk eva mulia ini, kurang ngefek di gw, tiap dateng dipencet2in, dan kulit gw jadi sensitive banget2an, dan ngefeknya lamaaaaa (kasus gw 5 bulanan)..harus sabar. Lalu gw ke dokter kulit spesialis, dan emang sih berkurang jerawatnya dan bekas2nya juga mudar, tapi karena gw suka pakai make-up, jadi kurang efektif, karena kulit muka lagi ‘dibenerin’ dan ganti ‘kulit baru’, jerawat bakal balik lagi deh. Ada katanya namanya Dr. Kun Jayanata di daerah senayan, bagus..tapi harus ambil obat minumnya kalau mau efektif banget. Masih takut nyoba sih, secara obatnya itu termasuk obat ‘keras’ di Amerika dan harus test darah dll dulu kalau di amerika untuk ngasih obat tersebut. Tapi karena dosisnya kecil di Jakarta, kata orang2 yang pakai sih, ga ada efek sampingnya kecuali kulit dan bibir kering banget. Takut aja kalau ngaruh ke ginjal,,hehehe. Coba baca2 reviewnya aja di forum2.,atau coba google.

  3. Halo mau menambahkan saja, 2 Minggu yg lalu aku pake 2 paket laser karena saran dokter eva nya jerawat banyak, bekas jerawat banyak, flek hitam, pori2 gede setelah 2 Minggu hasilnya kinclong bner. Apalagi pake cream malamnya, bangun tidur muka glowing bgt. 🙂
    Info harga terupdate :
    1. Konsultasi -> 80.000 (tiap hari Kamis dan jum’at)
    2. Obat makan A-> 45.000
    3. Vitamin merah bulat -> 10.000
    4. Laser -> @400.000/paket
    5. Acne lotion -> 20.000
    6. Antibiotik -> 20.000 (setelah laser)
    7. Foundation -> 25.000 (untuk makeup)
    8. Beauty soap -> 15.000
    9. Cleansing milik kecil -> 20.000
    10. Astrigent kecil -> 20.000
    11. Obat bersih -> 60.000
    12. Day cream -> 25.000


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