Spare Me

My third molar begin to erupt again, we call it wisdom tooth, …and it hurts like fuck! Why they even call it wisdom tooth anyway, if it just make people feel in pain..i know, i know i read the’s because they appear so late at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child. They are less usefull, and can cause problematic, but alternately useful when it was common for humans to lose several teeth to decay by the age when they appear. Probably, like a love and hate relationship. I’m not too satisfied with the answer. 

Talking about love – hate relationship..have you ever feel when you are so in love with something or someone, but in otherway you feel distracted by their action? You lost the intimacy.

Everyone has a love-hate relationship in their life. I hate to say that people can not give a pure love, because they always mix love and hate. Sometimes I wonder, how can you give a pure love? You can’t, ’cause you’re not God…not even close. I always have a faith that someday I will be given pure love. Thanks to reality, I’m losing my faith, today. Remember when we used to have faith and believe in something, and suddenly we realize that things change as we grow? We are forced to look the facts and reality. Forced to fake a smile and laugh everyday of your life..forced to believe what you believe was just in a fairytale. Well that is what’s happening in my life. I know that you don’t care, i know that they don’t care..but i know who care so much about this. Yes, myself.

Trias Nuriarta

PS : Oh God..what an explanation. I’m sick of things lately. Spare me…


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