When we love someone, we tend to give everything they wanted for the ones we love. What they  need and what they want to see and of course feel. We do what’s the best for us. Simply, we cater our needs and hide our needs pretending we do it for them, and all of sudden we become responsible for their happiness with out thinking our own needs.

The thought in my head before I decide to sacrifice is I’m willing to sacrifice for the best future but I’m unconsciously killing my self too.

For me, to sacrifice is a hard thing to do. I had so many times sacrifice things when I wanted it to get done in my life. I sacrifice in wanting to love and be loved, to accept and be understand and be understood. I’ve done so many things that hurt myself, for the sake of better life and better relationship. I say, when you sacrifice you lose some of your heart, your try to understand, even there’s a defensive act in your chest, you’re willing to let your heart left get something maybe…better. From unconscious to conscious. You let universe to take control of your decision because you’re afraid of  losing the ones you love. Why do I have to sacrifice first to get a good thing? Feel the bad first before getting the good one. I don’t have any answer for this, and i guess some of you might say, ” That is how life goes..”.


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