Waiting, just wait.

October 30, 2009

I’m waiting,

Waiting for you to come back

Come back to my place


Where you drag me from under the earth

and fly me above the heaven sky.

I’m waiting,

Waiting you to come back

Coming back from our misery

Misery that has been hurting us for a long time

Long time, ’til i couldn’t see the bling of your dime .

I’m waiting,

Because i don’t want to be alone and start healing

Healing is hurting

Hurting is being in pain

Which is enough just to be remain,

may not be the right time to complain.

I’m waiting,

just waiting…

Trias Nuriarta



  1. waiting = hurting
    such heartbreaking chain of words my dearest tata
    love youu trias!
    i love these words “bling of your dime”
    catchy aja ta bacanya. hee.
    *without really even knowing what it means though,
    something about money?

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