Won’t Stop ‘Til…

July 3rd, 2006

I dunno why i’m feelin to blog right now. Seems like my life is getting so boring..nothing new, the old daily routine that i have couldnt make any changes in my life. Well, lets see what about my love life? so boring! i tried to keep on my way on the path, but i can’t! Play..play..play..PLAY with LOVE what’s in my head now is..”What the hell are u tryin to do?!GROW UP GIRL!!”.. But you know, i can’t! No, i won’t STOP play games with boys..u kno why? because what they need is not LOVE, they were not really into me. They only filled my heart with those stupid emotion & stupid lust that they had in them to get me..stupid f*ckin boys who only want my f*ckin body. O,NO u cant have my precious body,baby.. i can tell that! well, that’s why. What i’m tryin to say is that i won’t stop play with them, till i found the man that i can really see and feel that he IS really into me..

For him, i would give my respect and all my heart..


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