I know that u can’t forget her..

I know that you were in love with her

while u’re in love with me.

That day from one of those days,

you admit that you love her as a friend,

and you made me believe

that i’m the only one that u love..

I got no one else to blame

I should’ve known that you said you loved her,

when you said you missed me.

I tried to be strong..

I tried not to believe that it was true

I  trusted you.

It was hard for me to totally love u,

when there was someone else that u care for.

I can’t let you see what u mean to me,

when my hands are tied and my hearts not free

Who actually deserve your love truthfully ?

You didn’t  know that i was hurting, you was just too blind

and for truthfulness it always seems to be so hard to give around

But then slowly I feel how you change..

I hope it’s not only my imagination,

through my blurry vision.

You’re holding me and I close my eyes

You’re whispering, and I start to cry

You feel so beautiful

I taste your kiss, you touch my soul

And i’m feeling things I’ve never felt before

My heating heart is full of pain, when we’re apart..

I’m soaring, emotion exploading

I believe that having you is a blessing

I will not be a victim of any other love anymore

Cause i found my way home

Place where i feel safe and free.

But when we see the break’s started,

and when our tears are dry from crying,

Remember that pure love is what we can count on.




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