Who are you? I’m losing you.

” I’ll move one step closer when you hate me to give you a chance to know me..and a big step to break you apart if you betray me for the sake of your egoism. But if u show you love me, i’ll always be there by your side and love you like i’ve never been hurt before “- Triasta

15 May 2009

Burning. My heart burns as well, as i saw how you loved the one u ever loved. I couldn’t stop my mind for being selfish. You are mine! and nobody owns you. From your heart to your soul, you already sign the contract. I wonder how could you loved every single one of them so deep ? too passionate! and suddenly, those feelings you had, just dissapear, and you start with the new one..better or even worse. How could you be that man? Start to fall in love, love so deeply in love, and then…those feeling just fade out. It’s confusing. Do you still have feelings for them? i’m questioning all about you…a BIG question mark in my head.



  1. geez..beybbbbb…now u give me a HUGE question mark..who the hell is that guy? is it possible to do so? is it real love or he just learn it from the tv n do it in a real life just to make a girl happy??? hmmmm….

  2. Hahaha…everything is possible when our heart still relate with the previous mind. Hurts huh? well, it’s not a tv show or some kind of shit like that ..but yeah, it’s reality.

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